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We are proud to be a different kind of asset manager; our intelligent and innovative solutions are based entirely around our clients’ needs, not ours.

Aviva Investors is a global asset manager with expertise in real estate, fixed income, equity, multi-asset and alternative investments. We are proud to stand out in our field as our intelligent solutions are based around our clients’ objectives, not ours.

Currently we have over 1350 employeesoperating in 17 locations worldwide2. Our investment intelligence spans major markets. We currently invest over £351bn3 on behalf of our customers and we have ambitious plans to expand. All of which gives us the size and scale to successfully see out opportunities that will deliver specific investor outcomes.

We take a collaborative approach, acting as a single team to bring together the breadth and depth of our global resources with our local knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients. We value creativity and empower our investment teams to find and execute great ideas.

In-depth research and robust risk management underpins every investment decision we make. We see it as our role to not only understand our clients’ desired outcomes, but to know how to best achieve them now and over the long term. That is why we are unequivocally for today’s investor.


What is asset management?

Asset managers pool together money from individual investors with a common investment goal, which we then invest in different assets to grow the value of their money. For example, the money people pay into their pension scheme is pooled into a fund which we then invest to ensure that when each individual comes to retire, the value of the money they put in has grown enough for them to live on comfortably.


Why is asset management a rewarding career?

At Aviva Investors we never forget that investing people’s future is at the heart of everything we do. It is a massive responsibility. With a career in asset management at Aviva Investors, you are helping to build financial security for you, your family, your friends and our community through working life and retirement.


Source 1, 2, 3: Aviva Investors as at 30 June 2017 

Our values

For us to succeed, we must all lead, inspire and transform the industry. And that's something we'll achieve together by working to our key values.
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Care More

We give you what we believe is right and fair for you to lead a happy life at work and home.

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Create Legacy

To us, you are more than a member of our team, it's like you are a stakeholder in the company. 

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Never Rest

We stay ahead because we keep moving forward. 

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Kill Complexity

Businesses - and careers - don't grow through being more bureaucratic, they flourish through being more agile, more responsive, and smarter. 

Aviva Investors – Inspiring and supporting you to do the best work of your life

Here at Aviva Investors, we believe that the more we can embrace and nurture everyone's unique creative qualities, the better for everyone.

Our clients' needs are evolving and so our investment solutions must evolve too. We must embrace change, we must come up with new ideas – we need to be creative. Everyone has choices to make, and all of these choices bring experiences, a different perspective – a diverse perspective. We want our people to be focused on being themselves and achieving their goals. Together we are evolving our culture to one that embraces diversity and understands our people's life style choices or commitments.

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Meet our Executive Team

Our inspirational Executive Team harnesses the strength and depth of our global scale, talent and resources to ensure we work together as a single team to meet the needs of every investor.