Frequently asked questions


Asset Managers pool together money from individual investors with a common investment goal, which we then invest in different assets to grow the value of their money. For example, the money people pay into their pension scheme is pooled into a fund which we then invest to ensure that when each individual comes to retire, the value of the money they put in has grown enough for them to live on comfortably.


At Aviva Investors we never forget that investing people’s future is at the heart of everything we do. It is a massive responsibility. With a career in Asset Management at Aviva Investors, you are helping to build financial security for you, your family, your friends and our community through working life and retirement.

  • We are inspired by our clients' needs
  • We collaborate to innovate
  • We believe in informed risk, effectively managed
  • We are actively responsible investors
  • We invest with conviction for the long


Please be thoughtful about your application and only apply to one of our early career programmes. If you realise through the process that you are more interested in another programme please let us know and will look into whether it is possible to transfer your application.


You can re-apply next year if you are unsuccessful.


No, unfortunately we do not offer deferred entry.


No, we are looking for potential. 


You can absolutely still apply to our Graduate Programme; however, our Summer Internship is only open to penultimate year students.


No, unfortunately we are unable to sponsor visas for our Internship nor Graduate Programmes. This is because we would need to provide evidence that there are no other suitable candidates for this vacancy within the EEA.


Don’t worry, please just make our recruitment team aware at the time of scheduling the interview and we can make adjustments to accommodate your needs as much as possible.


Yes, we can reimburse you for our assessment day held in London as long as your travel is standard class and you can provide your receipts. Let our recruitment team know at the point of scheduling and they will provide a form for you to complete.