Investment 20/20 Trainees - London

We look for curious, innovative and collaborative school or college leavers and graduates for our 12 month Trainee Programme.

Our trainee programme 

Our trainee programme is designed for school/college leavers and graduates and offers paid year-long placements in a variety of different roles. While you may not have an in-depth understanding of the investment management industry, our programme will introduce you to this very worthwhile and exciting industry and the variety of roles and opportunities it has to offer.

You will gain industry knowledge, experience and develop relationships enabling you to progress your career and provide you with skills to secure a permanent job, either with us or with another industry firm. Across the Investment 20/20 programme 75% of trainees are offered a permanent position with their host firm.

Learning and development opportunities will be offered by Aviva Investors and through the centrally organised Investment 20/20 programme. During your traineeship we will support you in obtaining the CFA Investment Management Certificate (IMC) qualification.

Please note applications are currently closed.

As a trainee you will be placed in one of the following roles to build a fundamental understanding of the asset management industry:

The Team:

The Global Client Solutions (GCS) division is responsible for the distribution of our investment capabilities, as well as developing, growing and protecting our client relationships. Our clients are all investors – pension schemes, insurance companies and financial intermediaries, such as banks, plus their advisors and investment consultants. Working in GCS will provide you with an understanding of how Asset Managers bring their investment expertise to market, how we develop client relationships, and give you exposure to one of the most quickly-evolving areas of the Asset Management industry.

The Role:

In the sales support role you are responsible for delivering a proactive and quality service to support us promoting, retaining and generating new business into our Investment Products from our current and prospective global clients.


  • Contribute to sales activity by co-ordinating meetings, emails and client follow ups.
  • Interact with different teams within Aviva Investors to answer client queries and provide accurate information.
  •  Develop and maintain a high-level knowledge of the Aviva Investors product range and our investment philosophy and process by working closely with our investment teams where necessary.
  • Provide dedicated sales support to the relationship management team including maintaining an organised database of information, supporting material and records of sales activity
  • Ensure fair treatment of customers, in line with Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles, are defined and embedded into all activities.

The Team:

The Global Compliance Function is responsible for assessing, advising, monitoring and reporting on Aviva Investor's compliance risk i.e. the risk that the firm fails to comply with its obligations under applicable regulatory requirements and the standards set by the UK financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, and other relevant regulatory authorities.

The Role:

This will be an exciting opportunity to see at first-hand how the UK financial services system operates and also how companies in the UK (and also overseas) manage their businesses to be compliant with the requirements of financial services regulators in the UK and around the world.  It will also provide you with an insight into how Compliance teams work with the business and the contact that they have with regulators.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with the members of the Compliance Advisory and Regulatory Development team in their dealings with the business and will also see how policies are developed plus advice provided to the business. 

You will also be able to join the Compliance Operations team, specifically in assisting with how the Central Compliance team oversee employee conduct through the use of an automated system and to work with the Surveillance team in overseeing that deals on the markets are checked.

In addition you will gain an understanding of how the Compliance Monitoring team undertake reviews in the business.


·         Learn and assist with the reviewing of marketing materials on behalf of Compliance;

·         Assist the Advisory team with policy queries and interpretation;

·         Assist the Advisory team in organising policy meetings and taking actions as required;

·         Learn the process for reviewing and approving personal share deals;

·         Learn the process for reviewing and approving hospitality declarations;

·         Assist the monitoring team with a review and fieldwork.

We are looking for a Graduate for this role. As an Investment Risk Trainee you will develop and maintain risk analytics together with processes and systems to deliver these as well as to investigate, understand and communicate methodology behind all risk models and risk analytics across asset classes managed at Aviva Investors.  You will develop, enhance, implement and embed risk analytics to help risk manage portfolio risks as well as provide accurate and timely risk analytics within Aviva Investors globally; helping Investment Risk and the Fund Managers to identify, monitor and manage portfolio risks and also support production of daily risk monitoring and assist in preparing packs for Risk Review Meetings and Committees.



  •  Working with the team to develop appropriate systems and processes to further enhance the quality and depth of the team’s output efficiency and content
  • Produce accurate and timely risk reports and analytics, ensuring integrity of portfolio and benchmark data and risk calculations
  • To develop and communicate expertise in the risk systems and analytics used for investment risk management across asset classes
  • Support Investment Risk Managers as appropriate
  • To produce risk metrics to assist in responding to ad-hoc stakeholder’s (internal & external) requests.
  • Liaising with fund managers to closely monitor emerging areas of risk in portfolios.
  • Risk processes operate efficiently and BAU production is timely, accurate and complete
  • All external and internal risk analytics production targets met
  • Positive feedback from Investment Risk Managers; issues arising actively managed and delivering solutions in a timely manner
  • Development of good relations within the business units

Data, Systems and Controls

  • You will own analytics and production from the investment risk systems and controls in their function and continuously implement improvements
  • You will develop and build knowledge of BRS Aladdin, MSCI Risk Manager,  Bloomberg, Style Research, VBA, SQL, R, Python

The Team:

The Aviva Investors Technology team are responsible for providing technology solutions globally across the company. This covers hardware (desktops/laptops/printers), infrastructure (telephony/servers), audio & visual capabilities, application development and support.

Aviva Investors manage close to £350 billion making the Aviva Investors Technology team a vital component of the day to day business operations. We cover 14 locations globally and support close to 2000 Aviva Investors colleagues.  

Our team is a mixture of support, development, infrastructure, management and cyber risk professionals with broad and diverse experience both within and outside of the Financial Services sector.

The Role:

Aligned to the Head of IT Service Delivery & Change you will embark on your technology career in a fast-paced environment and spend the following 12 months working across all aspects of the team’s responsibilities.

You will get exposure to each element of the software development and run lifecycle, including desktop support, business application support, development, release, infrastructure, robotics and technology project delivery.

You will work with various individuals and teams within the Aviva Investors Technology function and across our service partners.

At the end of the programme you will have the foundations to take the next step in your career with the option to specialise in a particular discipline or continue to work across all aspects of the team as you further develop your industry understanding and expertise. 

The Team:

The Aviva Investors Transformation team partner with the Executive team and help shape the overall business strategy. They take ownership for converting the business strategy into a strategic global roadmap and portfolio of initiatives. They also provide the delivery and governance capability that will ensure successful delivery of the strategic global roadmap as well as the mandatory and regulatory initiatives.

The Role:

Regulation is key focus of Aviva Investors. This role presents an opportunity for you to join a dynamic project team within the Global Transformation function delivering Aviva Investors’ regulatory projects such as ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) or RFR (Risk Free Rate Replacement) programme. 

You will work with multiple business areas and learn how large-scale projects are established and delivered in order to ensure compliance with the Regulations set out by financial services regulators globally.

This role will offer you the opportunity to:

  •  Implement new and effective solutions to regulatory changes in a company that has Regulation as a key focus
  • Gain exposure to all areas of Aviva Investors
  •  Work in a flat structure, getting exposure to senior management and gaining insight into the decision-making process.


·         Learn about the Aviva Change Framework and assist with the delivery of regulatory projects.

·         Assist in the identification of key business requirements.

·         Support the programme managers in the effective delivery of key artefacts such as requirement documents, project updates and finance forecasting reporting.

·         Work with the team on monitoring project progress and capturing any issues that need to be escalated for resolution.

·         Assist the project team in the performance of testing to ensure the new systems and processes work as planned.

·         Attend key project meetings including Steering Committees and capture the actions and decisions agreed.


Career Stories:

Nina Ashton – Compliance

Why do you enjoy your job?

I enjoy that not every day is the same. I work on a variety of tasks, so my everyday workload is always changing depending on what is a priority. Also, starting new projects and pieces of work is always exciting as it’s an opportunity to do something new.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

The thing I’ve found most challenging is learning about the Investment industry, as I previously had very little knowledge of it. A lot of the jargon and terms seemed confusing when I started, however, all the team were really supportive and happy to explain anything I didn’t understand - no matter how many times they had to explain it!

What experience did you have before joining Aviva Investors?

My experience was brief as I’d been in full time education prior to joining Aviva Investors. I studied Law at University and during my final year I specialised in 6 modules including Banking and Financial Service Regulation Law. I found this module was particularly interesting and gave me a basic knowledge and understanding of how financial services are regulated in the UK. My work experience had mainly been part-time admin and retail jobs alongside my education and some legal and corporate work experience.

How would you sum up your experience in the Compliance Team?

I feel like I’ve been able to develop so much through my experience through learning about the Asset Management Industry and being able to apply those learnings in a work environment by getting involved with a wide variety of Compliance Advisory and Monitoring tasks. I have also been able to develop professionally through the support, advice and mentoring that has been given to me by the team during my time with them. Overall, it’s been a great experience that’s helped me transition from education into starting my career!


Michael Ryan – Sales Support

Why do you enjoy your job? 

My current role is in the UK Wholesale team as a Relationship Management Consultant. Alongside Business Development Directors I work to win clients and maintain relationships with existing clients. This includes producing reports, monitoring holdings, creating charts and tables, handling client queries, attending client meetings and searching for opportunities. The great thing about my job is that it offers both client interaction as well as the chance to analyse data allowing me to develop both my soft skills and technical understanding. The position also gives me the opportunity to be creative, encouraging me to think of new ideas on how to position our products and the ways in which we articulate these to clients. Aviva Investors also offers great opportunities across the business allowing further development, exposure and progression which is thanks both to the company and my mentor. 

What is the most challenging thing about your job? 

The most challenging thing about my job is dealing with client requests on short deadlines. Every request is unique, and sometimes it can be difficult to source the correct person and have the request resolved within the deadline.

How did you get into your job?

Throughout sixth form I was clear I didn’t want to go to university. I was informed about the Investment20/20 scheme by a careers adviser, and after applying for various jobs in the City in both the insurance and asset management industry I decided that the Investment20/20 scheme at Aviva Investors was the best place for me to begin.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?

The Investment20/20 experience has been extremely positive. There are few other opportunities to enter the asset management industry, and Investment20/20 gives great guidance and advice on starting your role. Investment20/20 regularly hosts Industry Insight events and workshops which give you the chance to develop key skills and understanding of the industry. There are also social events which encourage networking and mixing with other trainees, creating relationships which could become invaluable as we progress in the industry.

As a school leaver I would highly recommend using Investment 20/20 and Aviva Investors. The support I have received from both is phenomenal including training days from Investment 20/20 and weekly knowledge sharing sessions hosted by Aviva Investors, both of which I have found extremely informative and valuable.
Investment 20/20 Trainee Global Client Solutions

About you

Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds, allowing them to bring diversity of ideas and unique perspectives to our investment decision-making process.  You don’t need to have studied a specific subject to apply to our programmes.

The qualities we do look for are:

  • Curiosity, people who have an insatiable hunger to learn, discover and question the world around them
  • Innovative, people who can think differently and create unique solutions to meet our clients’ needs
  • Initiative, self starters who can solve problems
  • Collaborate, people who can communicate well and share ideas with colleagues
  • Analytical, able to gather, monitor and analyse data and figures
  • Communication, clear communicators who can convey messages accurately, concisely and with integrity

How to apply 

  • Apply online
  • Attach your CV. There is no need for a covering letter. 

Key dates 

  • Applications will open January 2021 for September 2021 start.


About Aviva Investors

Aviva Investors is a global asset manager with expertise in global equities, credit, multi-asset and macro, real assets and global client solutions. We are proud to be a different kind of asset manager; our intelligent solutions are based entirely around our clients’ objectives, not ours.

With over 1400 employees1 operating in 15 locations worldwide2 with ambitious plans to expand, our investment intelligence spans major markets, where we currently invest over £353bn3 on behalf of our customers. This gives us the size and scale to successfully see out opportunities that will deliver specific investor outcomes.

At Aviva Investors we hold the fact that we are investing people’s futures at the heart of everything we do. It is a great responsibility. With a career in Asset Management at Aviva Investors, you are helping to build financial security for you, your family, your friends; through working life and retirement, always with a view to investing responsibly.

What is asset management? 

As an Asset Manager we pool together money from investors with a common investment goal.  We then invest the money in different assets, aiming to grow the value of their money. For example, the money people pay into their pension scheme is pooled into a fund which we then invest to ensure that when each individual comes to retire, the value of the money they put in has grown enough for them to live on comfortably.

Why is it a rewarding career? 

The fact that we are investing people’s futures is at the heart of everything we do. It is a great responsibility. With a career in Asset Management at Aviva Investors, you are helping to build financial security for people just like you, your family, and your friends; through working life and retirement, through the ups and downs of life, and always with a view to investing responsibly.

Letting our values lead us forward

Care More

We genuinely care about our colleagues. We know your career progression is massively important to you, so we encourage, promote and offer support whenever and wherever you need it.

Create Legacy

How can we make lasting change happen? Most importantly, how can we better serve our clients? A strong focus on the long term and on leaving a lasting legacy guides our thinking and behaviour. We recognise that we have a social and environmental responsibility to uphold within the communities that we invest and operate in.

Never Rest

Nobody gets anywhere by sitting still. Here, we have an in-built desire to disrupt convention, to ask tough questions, to challenge what we do to see how we can improve it. We embrace brilliant ideas and welcome ways in which we can improve what we do – both now and tomorrow.

Kill Complexity

It’s a complicated world. We’re dealing with a multi-layered business looking after thousands of customers, over £352bn in assets and all across an ever-shifting global market. So let’s not add to this complexity.  Instead, let’s do everything we can to keep things clear and simple for us and our customers.

How we work

We’re an inclusive and connected business.  Currently, we’re in Stonewall’s top 50 ranking of LGBT friendly workplaces, who have commended our ‘Aviva Pride’ network. We also have our own international Women’s Network. We partner with Investment 20/20. We are championing the Diversity Project, with our CEO, Euan Munro sitting on the advisory board, as we aim to achieve diversity across all dimensions, including gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, LGBT+, age and disability.

One of Aviva’s core values is Care More, and this is bought to life through the flexible ways we like to work. This may include working from home some of the time, or flexible work schedules to accommodate parent and carer responsibilities, further studies and hobbies. What’s important to us is that you are supported to do the best work of your life, and that you find it rewarding.

Social responsibility, embedded in everything we do 

We have always believed that companies conducting their business in responsible and sustainable manner are more likely to succeed over time. That’s why we were one of the first global fund managers to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our investment decision-making.  We’ve also launched a three-year partnership with the Red Cross, through which we volunteer, donate funds, developing apps and sharing our expertise in risk management.

Aviva Investors, growing opportunities 

We’ve got big plans for our future, and yours.  Discover your potential with our School Leaver programme.  We understand that a career is more than a job; it’s a progression of experiences.  Through our early careers programmes, you will have the opportunity to explore and learn about a career in Asset Management. You will be aligned to one business area to allow you to contribute and add value from day one by collaborating with the teams to help deliver our clients outcomes.

Training and development 

We all want to stay ahead. We all want to be the best. So at Aviva Investors we never stop questioning, reviewing and analysing what we can do to help us all work better, smarter, and add more value across the board.  As part of our School Leaver programme you will be supported through a professional qualification, relevant to your business area. We’ve also built a selection of expert online Training Modules you can download whenever you need to upskill or improve your existing talents.

Because your career here matters to us all, we’ve designed our Talent Management programme to help open up dialogue between you and your manager. These regular, collaborative reviews help us both to clarify, understand and appreciate every aspect of your career progression and the steps you will need our support on to reach your goals in the way that works best for you.