Working at Aviva Investors

When everyone feels part of a unified team, in an environment of fairness, inclusion and positivity, we all achieve more. But we also nurture individual growth and reward achievement, doing whatever we can to break down barriers to truly equal opportunities.

We motivate and support people to pool their expertise as ‘One Team’ every day – through smarter ways of working and the technology and physical environments that enable true collaboration.



Leading the change

We set out to do the right thing for our people, our business and our investors. This often means challenging our industry; breaking down barriers to equal opportunities from recruitment through to equal parenting leave.

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Individual growth

A thoughtful approach to training and leadership, tailored to what each individual needs to grow with confidence, helps deepen commitment to the company across the breadth of talent within Aviva Investors.

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Welcoming talent back to the workforce

We know that more work needs to be done to improve the number of women in senior roles in Finance. One way we are addressing the imbalance is to remove any barriers when returning to work after an extended break.

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Real impact - Darren, Claire & Lottie’s story

Supporting our staff when they become parents doesn’t just benefit the employee. Thanks to our Equal Parental Leave programme, Darren was able to spend more time at home supporting his wife after the birth of their new daughter, Lottie. They share with us how that transformed their family life.

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Finding out what matters

We want to know what matters to the UK workforce. Aviva surveyed 2,000 employees from different companies and over 500 employers to understand what job perks make the most impact.

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Welcoming opinion

We welcome fresh ideas and opinions from everyone. We’re keen to listen; we conduct regular surveys to help us learn more about you and your work at Aviva Investors.


of employees are proud to work at Aviva Investors


have sufficient opportunities to express their views on what is important to them


believe their manager encourages discussion and asks for feedback and opinions 


think their manager does a good job of recognising individuals who go the extra mile

Meet our people

Find out more about the amazing, talented, driven people who are shaping their own career here at Aviva Investors - and shaping the company too.

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Whether you're already building a career or just starting out, we're really pleased you want to take that journey with us. Let's work together to make lasting change happen.

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