Equal Parental Leave - Darren, Claire and Lottie’s story

Being at home after the birth of his third child meant Darren could fully concentrate on his family and give his wife, Claire the support she needed.

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It’s just the most incredible opportunity and I’ve always said that I’ve been very thankful to do it.

Darren Freed, Director, Real Estate, took advantage of the company’s Equal Parental Leave policy after the birth of his third child, Lottie. Darren and his wife, Claire share with us how that decision transformed their life.

Darren was initially unsure about taking time off. However, his line manager and colleagues convinced him it was the right thing to do, and that the company would fully support his decision. 

For Claire, having Darren at home for five months meant the experience of bringing up Lottie in those early weeks was very different from when her sons were born. With extra support, Claire could concentrate on the things that really mattered to her, like establishing a breast-feeding routine.

While on parental leave, Darren found he could concentrate on what needed to be done at home. And when it was time to return to work, he felt much happier knowing that Claire and their children were completely settled.