Meet Lewis Blissett, Client Solutions Manager at Aviva Investors

After transitioning from publishing to a role in asset management at Aviva Investors, Lewis sought out expertise in the wider business to grow his own knowledge.

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Be open and honest about where you want to progress to. Even if the opportunity isn’t there, Aviva Investors will be flexible and offer alternative solutions to help you get to the point you want to be in your career.

Lewis Blissett shares his story, joining Aviva Investors after a career in publishing. Explaining how he gained support from colleagues as he progressed in the business, Lewis gives advice on how to leverage your own network.

Lewis began his career selling marketing solutions to asset managers, before deciding to transition to asset management himself. Acting on advice from his contacts in the industry, Lewis started at Aviva Investors in a sales support role.

Focused on a 12-month progression plan, Lewis grew his knowledge by speaking to specialists in the wider business. He also took advantage of social events to meet colleagues he wouldn’t normally see. It was in this way that Lewis gained the mentor who helped him take the next step.

By demonstrating a willingness to learn, Lewis reached the point where he wanted to be in his career. And by being open and honest about his goals, he was supported by his peers.