Be back at your best in no time

We’ve been proudly welcoming finance professionals onto our Return to Work programme since 2018. If you’ve been out of the investment sector for 18 months or more and you’re keen to get back in, here’s the perfect way.

It’s a structured programme, designed to refresh your skills and knowledge while introducing you to Aviva Investors and our ways of working. At its core is a six-month work placement, supported by all kinds of networking and learning opportunities.

The 2024 Returners programme will re-open in September 2024.

How we support you

You’ll learn a lot on the job, with coaching and regular feedback from our leaders plus a mentor for additional guidance. As part of a group intake, you’ll find your peers a great source of knowledge, support and collaboration - we actively encourage this.

In terms of formal learning, we’ll give you everything you need to get back up to speed quickly. That means expert back-to-work transition coaching as well as training on technical skills, personal effectiveness and more.

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Are you ready to start your Aviva Investors journey? We’ve a lot to achieve together, from creating a sustainable future that benefits everyone to giving you the tools and encouragement to do your best work every single day.

Return to Work programme applications are currently closed, but the programme will re-open in September 2024.