Sarah Wiles


Job title

Programme Manager, Transformation Team

Work location

London, United Kingdom

Joined Aviva Investors


Joined The Industry



Main responsibilities

My role is focused on making Aviva Investors even better, we are planning and implementing change across our business. This can involve systems changes, improvements to processes or introducing new product lines. Although my team doesn’t work directly with clients, we ensure their experience with Aviva Investors is continually improving. We always have them in mind, whatever we do.

Because of Aviva’s inclusive environment, I get to work with a wide range of different people – all of whom bring different skillsets, personalities and experiences to the table. It doesn’t feel like there’s a mould you need to fit into here. We can all be our best selves and work together to deliver the best solution for the business and our clients.

Experience and qualifications

I worked for 25 years at a leading financial services company, so my current role is only my second job. It came up when some contacts who had moved to Aviva Investors told me about the role and encouraged me to apply.

Aviva as a group is so broad, with so many roles. It’s easy to seek out new opportunities, follow your interests, and build a really varied career if you want to. 

I also enjoy being part of an organisation that constantly strives to do the right thing by its people and clients. It’s such a friendly place to work and there’s a lot of emphasis on connecting and supporting employees. Seeing what the company is doing in the broader community, as well as within its industry, also makes me feel proud to be part of it.

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